QW-Modeller for QuickWave
Free general purpose 3D CAD modeller for QuickWave.
QW-Modeller 2022 for QuickWave

QWED has continued efforts on extending availability and functionality of the QW-Modeller for QuickWave software for electromagnetic design as well as the scope of its applications.

New QW-Modeller for QuickWave allows preparing a complete V2D (BOR) axisymmetrical projects for electromagnetic simulation with QuickWave software.

The Basic Heating Module is now available for V2D (BOR) axisymmetrical projects..

QW-Modeller for QuickWave allows for parametrisation of the model with user defined variables and Spreadsheet workbench for more complex formulas. The parametrisation also allows for optimisation or grid-search procedures of QW-Optimiser Plus.

The antenna radiation pattern can be calculated taking into account far fields only NTF (Near to Far transformation). In many applications however near antenna fields are interesting and NTN (Near to Near) processing can be useful. User can of course create circuit which take near zone into the calculated FDTD area, however such approach can be computational ineffective because of substantially enlarging FDTD computational space and cells number hence computational time would be relatively long.

Using NTN processing user can define set of points cloud which can be arbitrary shaped in arbitrary location in space. In each point EM field will be calculated in chosen set of frequencies. User then gain much more freedom in EM calculations in space and location in contrast to FDM processing. In version of QW-Modeller 2022, the NTN postprocessing can be applied for 3D models.

To facilitate using QW-Modeller and QuickWave in microwave courses, the examples investigating basic electromagnetic scenarios has been included, as well as a short background description. These examples, together with microwave background description, become complementary introductory to fundamental microwave phenomena.