Training Courses
Presentations, live simulations and hands-on training performed in QW-Modeller and QuickWave software.
QWED offers a wide variety of training courses. The course can take place at client's office, in QWED's training spaces or can be set up through internet and performed online via WebEx. The number of tutors depends on the number of course attendees from the client's side. When the training course takes place in QWED's training spaces, the attendees are supplied with computer stations and other necessary materials. Additionally, the attendees have an opportunity of talking to all QWED's experts in different technical and electromagnetic field theory areas.

The agenda of each training course is set up individually for every client and is always adjusted to the client's specific needs. The training course may be dedicated to the general overview of the FDTD algorithm used in QuickWave, its functionalities and capabilities, and the tutorials how to effectively speed up the scenario preparation process and optimise the computing stage from the user's point of view.

The training course may be also directed mainly to a specific kind of simulation problem, e.g. microwave heating problems, antenna design, etc. The training course scope is always discussed and prepared basing on the client's needs and preferences.

Every topic segment is supplied with a hands on time to increase the effectiveness of the training course.

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