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QuickWave is a general purpose software for electromagnetic design and simulations based on conformal finite-difference time-domain method, which can be applied to electromagnetic research and industrial design.

QuickWave 3D is a universal user-friendly electromagnetic software based on the conformal FDTD method and supplemented with a range of unique models for curved boundaries, media interfaces, modal excitation, and parameter extraction.

QuickWave V2D is a specialised software tool for the analysis of axisymmetrical structures  as large as 300 wavelengths, including antennas (horns, rods, biconical), circular waveguide discontinuities, and resonators. It is based on the Maxwell equations re-expressed in cylindrical coordinates. Hundreds times faster than brute force 3D analysis.

We provide the service of simulations of the project described by the client or based on the CAD file.