QW-Modeller for QuickWave
Free general purpose 3D CAD modeller for QuickWave.
QW-Modeller 2021 for QuickWave

QWED has continued efforts on extending availability and functionality of the QW-Modeller for QuickWave software for electromagnetic design as well as the scope of its applications.

New QW-Modeller for QuickWave allows preparing a complete V2D (BOR) axisymmetrical projects for electromagnetic simulation with QuickWave software.

The Basic Heating Module is now available for V2D (BOR) axisymmetrical projects..

New QW-Modeller for QuickWave allows for parametrisation of the model with user defined variables and Spreadsheet workbench for more complex formulas. The parametrisation also allows for optimisation or grid-search procedures of QW-Optimiser Plus.

The QW-Modeller 2021 is based on the 0.18.4 version of FreeCAD migrated from Python 2 and Qt4 to Python 3 and Qt5, which introduces a lot of improvements in user interface and in geometry workbenches (Part, PartDesign and Sketcher).

To facilitate using QW-Modeller and QuickWave in microwave courses, the examples investigating basic electromagnetic scenarios has been included, as well as a short background description. These examples, together with microwave background description, become complementary introductory to fundamental microwave phenomena.