QW-Modeller for QuickWave
Free general purpose 3D CAD modeller for QuickWave.
QW-Modeller 2020 for QuickWave

QWED has continued efforts on extending availability and functionality of the QW-Modeller for QuickWave software for electromagnetic design as well as the scope of its applications.

New QW-Modeller for QuickWave allows preparing a complete V2D (BOR) axisymmetrical projects for electromagnetic simulation with QuickWave software.

Patch Antenna Array Module has been introduced as a response to increasing popularity of 5G communication systems, to provide the user with convenient tool for designing patch antenna arrays.

The Basic Heating Module is now enhanced with excitation ports configuration allowing setting port parameters for the consecutive BHM steps.

The effective and practically useful solution for simulation convergence monitoring has been introduced in QuickWave 2017. It utilises monitoring of the electromagnetic (EM) energy in the calculation model and automatically stops the simulation when it decays to a certain level. Such approach to running the simulation allows for reducing the number of performed FDTD iterations and as a result the computing time, without reducing a computational accuracy. This solution is now also available for complete S-matrix postprocessing (Smn).

The QW-Modeller 2020 is based on the 0.18.4 version of FreeCAD migrated from Python 2 and Qt4 to Python 3 and Qt5, which introduces a lot of improvements in user interface and in geometry workbenches (Part, PartDesign and Sketcher).

To facilitate using QW-Modeller and QuickWave in microwave courses, the examples investigating basic electromagnetic scenarios has been included, as well as a short background description. These examples, together with microwave background description, become complementary introductory to fundamental microwave phenomena.