E-Plane Y-junction
This whitepaper is dedicated to E-plane Y-junction, which can be used as power divider or combiner in more complex circuits, when 4-port 180° hybrid is not required. Y-junction plays an important role in microwave circuit as it uniformly divides or collects power at the port.

Within this paper, we consider an E-plane Y-junction, which has been proposed in ALMA Memo 381 from 2001 (A. R. Kerr, Elements for E-Plane Split-Block Waveguide Circuits, ALMA Memo 381). It was designed for ALMA receiver as one of a building blocks. It has been designed and analysed with QuickWave FDTD software.
Scheme of E-plane Y-junction proposed in ALMA Memo 381 from 2001.
Model of WR-10 E-plane Y-junction designed in QW-Modeller.