Free general purpose 3D CAD modeller for QuickWave.
MMAMA Open Platform is a novel concept of a simulation environment for material modelling, allowing for running analysis with multiple solvers based on different physical phenomena (e.g. electromagnetics, drift and diffusion of charge in semiconductors). Uniqueness of the MMAMA Open Platform comes from its interoperable GUI interconnected with various physics-based solvers.

MMAMA-Modeller - licence-free CAD modeller developed within the MMAMA project. It is based on general-purpose 3D graphical libraries of FreeCAD. The MMAMA functionalities focus on User Cases relevant to SMM, dielectric resonator, and coaxial probe material measurements. For such scenarios, MMAMA-Modeller launches axisymmetrical (Bodies-of-Revolution) electromagnetic models solved by FDTD and FEM, and coupled Maxwell-semiconductor models solved by FEM. Collaborations are invited towards extending the library of User Cases to other scenarios and/or developing interfaces to other models and solvers, relevant to materials science and engineering.
MMAMA Open Platform video - electromagnetic analysis of SMM probe over a material sample performed in QuickWave EM software launched from MMAMA-Modeller:
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761036.