MIKON 2020
23rd International Microwave and Radar Conference
Warsaw, Poland
October 5-7, 2020

Conference website: https://mrw2020.org/mikon/
H2020: Microwave Microscopy for Advanced and Efficient Materials Analysis and Production
QWED is partner in MMAMA project (Microwave Microscopy for Advanced and Efficient Materials Analysis and Production), which will offer a nanoscale characterization platform for the European manufacturers of coatings, photovoltaic cells, and semi-conductor circuits. Partners of the project will use a combination of scanning microwave microscopes, dielectric resonators, and simulation to measure the material and interface properties of complicated material systems and nano-structures.
This project, launched on November 1, 2017, will last 3 years. It received a European funding of € 3.99 million, allocated by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.
During the Microwave and Radar week 2020 (Warsaw, Poland), MMAMA organised a dedicated half-day workshop: "Material and Impedance Measurement Techniques in the Project MMAMA".
The chairs of the event were: Dr. Johannes Hoffmann, METAS (Switzerland), Dr. Malgorzata Celuch, QWED (Poland).
The MMAMA partners shared project results and discuss about up-to-date innovations in the area.

To access the detailed agenda of the workshop.

To access the recordings of this Workshop (alongside with the online MMAMA workshop).
Acknowledgements: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 761036.