Anaheim, USA
April 9-11, 2024
IPC APEX EXPO is the electronics industry's largest event in North America, featuring a world-class trade show, cutting-edge technical conference, professional development, and non-stop networking. ECWC16 is an international PCB symposium held every three years, in different cities worldwide, providing a valuable platform for knowledge sharing on global PCB demand and PCB manufacturing processes.

QWED is thrilled to be, for the first time, an active part of the above fascinating events. We deliver two talks:
1. on 9 April, Malgorzata Celuch "Evaluation of Surface Roughness of Copper Foils for 5G Applications Using Novel mmWave Resonators"
2. on 10 April, Marzena Olszewska-Placha "5G/6G MAESTRO: Dielectric Materials Characterization".

On 9-11 April 2024, please visit us in booth #4728, featuring our test instruments and methods for electronic materials, including the results of the ongoing Eureka Network - EUREKA-Eurostars 5G_Foil project and two M-ERA.NET projects ULTCC6G_EPac and I4Bags.