International Microwave Symposium
San Diego, CA, USA
June 11-16, 2023

Conference website: https://ims-ieee.org
Distinguished Educator Award is presented to an outstanding educator in the realm of microwave engineering and science. This accolade is bestowed upon an individual who embodies the exceptional human qualities displayed by Fred Rosenbaum. Mr. Rosenbaum, known for his belief in teaching as a noble pursuit, showcased his commitment to the MTT-S Society through unwavering dedication and selfless service. The award recognizes an educator who follows in his footsteps, demonstrating exemplary teaching skills and a profound impact on the field.
During the recent IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, Professor Michal Mrozowski from Gdansk University of Technology, a distinguished member of the Polish microwave community and an IEEE Fellow, was honored with the prestigious IEEE MTT-S Distinguished Educator Award. The award was given to him in recognition of his exceptional accomplishments as an educator, mentor, and role model for microwave engineers and engineering students. The ceremony took place with the presence of several members of the Polish microwave community, including Prof. Wojciech Gwarek from QWED, who nominated Prof. Mrozowski, and Dr. Maciej Wojnowski from Infineon, a former student of Prof. Mrozowski. The award was presented to Prof. Mrozowski by Prof. Nuno Borges Carvalho, the President of the 2023 IEEE MTT-S, and Prof. Samir El-Ghazaly. The QWED team, which has had a longstanding collaboration with Prof. Mrozowski, extends their warm congratulations to him. They acknowledge his numerous achievements and highlight his contribution to QWED's QuickWaveTM software, specifically as the lead author of the QProny module. This module enables accelerated analysis of high-Q resonators and filters and will be utilized in the further development of technology within the M-ERA.NET I4BAGS and ULTCC6G_Epac projects .

Please watch the movie taken by Dr. Maciej Wojnowski.