Septum polariser
The present example considers a septum polariser.
Septum polariser.
Septum polariser project in QW-Modeller.
The entire structure is 2.6 inch long. The input waveguide has dimensions 0.622 x 0.286 inch. First output waveguide (below input) has the same dimensions as the input waveguide. The other outputs (on a square waveguide) have dimensions of 0.622 x 0.622 inch. The septum spans the width of the waveguide and its thickness is 0.05 inch.

For the purpose of calculating reflection and transmission characteristics, the S-Parameters posprocessing is activated in a frequency range from 10 GHz to 15 GHz, with a frequency step of 0.02 GHz.
S-Parameters postprocessing configuration dialogue.
Reflection and transmission characteristics of the septum polariser.