Dielectric waveguide coupler
The present example considers a dielectric waveguide 3dB coupler.
Dielectric waveguide coupler.
Dielectric waveguide coupler project in QW-Modeller.
The coupler is composed of a cross-junction of dielectric waveguides. In general it may be shielded or unshielded. In the considered case we assume that the box is unshielded at the top and that there is an electric plane at the bottom of the structure. The cross-junction is made of a dielectric of a relatively low permittivity (εr =2.55). The centre of the junction is cut by a plate inclined at 45o made of a dielectric of higher permittivity (εr =7.0) that serves as a semi-transparent mirror. The coupler is excited by the dominant dielectric waveguide mode from the left.

For the purpose of calculating reflection and transmission characteristics, the S-Parameters posprocessing is activated in a frequency range from 80 GHz to 120 GHz, with a frequency step of 0.2 GHz.
S-Parameters postprocessing configuration dialogue.
S-Parameters results for the dielectric waveguide coupler.
Distribution of time maximum envelope of E field at 95 GHz.