Coaxial directional coupler
The present example considers a coaxial directional coupler.
Coaxial directional coupler.
Coaxial directional coupler project in QW-Modeller.
The coupler contains a pair of coupled coaxial transmission lines in a metal housing. The main line is terminated with N-connectors (high power operation is possible), while the coupled line uses a smaller SMA connector. To simplify the scenario, supporting dielectric elements and details of connectors are omitted. The geometry is not optimized.

The ports for S-parameters extraction are numbered as follows:
[1] - input port
[2] - output (transmitted) port
[3] - coupled port
[4] - isolated port

For the purpose of calculating S-matrix parameters, the S-Parameters posprocessing is activated in a frequency range from 1 GHz to 6 GHz, with a frequency step of 0.1 GHz.
S-Parameters postprocessing configuration dialogue.
S-Parameters results and calculated isolation curve.
Distribution of time maximum envelope of E field at 3 GHz.