Beef burger in a cavity oven
The present example considers a beef burger in a cavity oven.
Beef burger in a cavity oven.
Beef burger in a cavity oven project in QW-Modeller.
This example considers a microwave domestic oven, with vertical feed, circular shelf, and circular food.
The oven's inside dimensions are 267 mm, 270 mm, 188 mm in X, Y, Z directions respectively. Its vertical feeding waveguide dimensions are 18 mm, 78 mm, 80 mm. The shelf diameter is 227 mm, its thickness is 6 mm and it is placed at 15 mm in Z directions. In the considered scenario, beef (120 mm diameter; 10 mm height) lies on a bread (120 mm diameter; 25 mm height) and the entire food is placed on the shelf.

The S-Parameters postprocessing is set from 2 GHz to 4 GHz with the frequency step of 0.01 GHz.
S-Parameters postprocessing configuration dialogue.
BHM Iteration Minimal temperature [oC]   Maximal temperature [oC]
1 -19.96 -13.26
2 -19.90 -7.83
3 -19.84 -3.99
4 -19.80 -2.41
5 -19.79 -1.54
6 -19.79 -1.27
7 -19.78 -1.10
8 -19.78 4.93
9 -19.77 14.41
Temperature evolution in consecutive BHM steps.
Reflection coefficient of the microwave domestic oven with beef burger.
Ez field distribution at 2.46 GHz.
Time-average Poynting vector in the middle of the oven at 2.46 GHz.
Time-average dissipated power on the beef burger at 2.46 GHz.
Current on the oven surface at 2.46 GHz.