EMA 2020
Electronic Materials and Applications
Orlando, FL, USA
January 22-24, 2020

Conference website: https://ceramics.org/event/electronic-materials-and-applications-2020
QWED is pleased to announce its participation in the Symposium 12: Electronic Materials Applications in 5G Telecommunications workshop at the Electronic Materials and Applications 2020 conference (EMA 2020) being held in Orlando, 22-24 January 2020.

During the symposium, the four training talks from NIST, QWED, and Keysight will be given.

QWED will host the hands-on session on the material measurement setups, including SPDR and SiPDR resonators, during which also a new product, automatic 2D scanner based on 10GHz SPDR will be announced. Moreover, QWED will give a presentation on "Exploring the synergies between electronic material measurements and modeling".