6th MMA - 1-3 September 2010 - Warsaw, Poland
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Public transport

From airport

To hotel - with bus 175 (it takes about 25-30min.) to the centre of the city (bus stop “Centrum”)

From Novotel

To university - 1 subway stop (about 3 min.) from Metro Station “Centrum” to Metro station “Politechnika”
To royal castle - bus 175 (about 10 min.) - bus stop “pl. Zamkowy”
To conference dinner - bus 175 (about 10 min.) - bus stop “pl. Zamkowy” - 5 min by a walk.

From The Warsaw  University of Technology

To royal Castel - 3 subway stops (about 7 min.) to Metro station “Ratusz Arsenal” and later each tram and bus to the east to bus stop “Stare Miasto” - 1 min by a walk upstairs

University Guest House [ Pokoje Goscinne Politechniki Warszawskiej] - matched as "UGH" on the map

UGH is located 100 metres from Plac Politechniki and  the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology where MMA 2010 will take place. Adress: Polna 50 St.

A single fare ticket entitles to travel by one means of transport, e.g. bus, tram, fast urban rail, i.e. the one on which the ticket has been validated.
1-day City Travelcard remains valid for 24hrs after validation, and 3- and 7-day Travelcards are valid from validation until 23:59 hours of the last day of their validity - depending on the ticket type.
For students

single fare tickets

1 day Travelcards

3 day Travelcards

For Adults

single fare tickets

1 day Travelcards

3 day Travelcards


Here are some hints concerning the choice of TAXI in Warsaw:
-Tariffs vary between companies. They are typically between 2 and 3 PLN per kilometer + 5-6 PLN the starting fee. It may be 50% to 1oo% higher between 11 pm and 6 am or during weekend. If the taxi is taken from a street please look at the side window of the taxi where the tariff should be displayed.
-At the airport please avoid people offering a taxi inside the arrival hall. Just go outside to the Taxi stand.
-MMA Conference organizers do not endorse any taxi company. Just as an information we quote here a few names and phone numbers of relatively big Warsaw Taxi corporations:  
Low price range:High price range:

Bayer Taxi - +48 22 19667
Grosik Taxi - +48 22 6464646

It is possible to take a look at the map of places related to MMA2010