6th MMA - 1-3 September 2010 - Warsaw, Poland
6th MMA - 1-3 September 2010 - Warsaw, Poland
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                      Invited Presentations:

“Approaching dielectric ceramics with ultra low sintering temperature”
H.Jantunen, H. Voutilainen, Rafael Hovhannisyan, A. Uusimäki

“Combinatorial High-Throughput Synthesis of Microwave Ceramic Libraries”
Robert C. Pullar

“Crystal structure of apatite type rare-earth silicate SrLn4Si3O13”
Rick Ubic, Daniel Leu, Sherin Thomas, Mailadil Sebastian

“Dependence of Dielectric Properties of MgMoO4/Polystyrene Composites on the Structural Characteristics of Polystyrene”
Eung Soo Kim and Ha Da Jang

“Dielectric and Magnetic Properties of Metamaterials at Microwave Frequencies”
John G. Hartnett, Jerzy Krupka, and Norbert Kwietniewski

“Dielectric Loss, Grain Boundaries and New Super-Q Structures”
Neil McN. Alford and Jonathan Breeze

“Effect of ultraviolet radiation on slow-relaxation processes in ferroelectric based capacitors”
P.K. Petrov

“Expanding the Spectrum of use for Microwave Ferrite”

David B. Cruickshank

“Ferroelectrics in Accelerator Applications”
A.K.Tagantsev, A.Kozyrev, E. Nenasheva, V.Yakovlev, and A.Kanareykin

“Microwave Behaviors through Geometrically Patterned Materials in Terahertz Frequency Ranges”
Soshu Kirihara, Naoki Komori, Noritoshi Ohta, and Toshiki Niki

“Microwave Dielectric Ceramics Based on CaTiO3”
R .Freer, F Azough, R Lowndes, E Kipkoech and T. Lowe

“Microwave Dielectric Properties of Indielite Glass Ceramics”

H. Ohsato, A-Y. Kim, C-I. Cheon, K-W. Chae, J-S. Kim, I. Kagomiya

“Multifunctional Composites for Microwave Applications”

Hong Wang, Feng Xiang, Haibo Yang, Kecheng Li

“Multiphase microwave dielectrics”

A.G.Belous and O.V.Ovchar

“New Generation of Functional Pyrochlores - Magnetic Semiconductor Pyrochlores”
Matjaz Valant, Gunda S. Babu, Anna-Karin Axelsson, Taras Kolodiazhnyi, Jerzy Krupka

“Stability of K2NiF4 Structure and  Microwave Dielectric Characteristics in (Ca1-xSrx)LaAlO4 and (Sr1-xCax)YAlO4 Ceramics”
Xiang Ming Chen, Li Qin Peng, Hong Xia Yuan and Min Min Mao

“Strain-induced Ferroelectricity in Srn+1TinO3n+1 Thin Films”

Stanislav Kamba, Veronica Goian, Volodymyr Skoromets, Christelle Kadlec, Petr Kužel, Nathan D. Orloff, Che-Hui Lee, and Darrell G. Schlom

“Tellerium based dielectrics for RF and High Frequency Applications: State of the Art and Opportunities”

Paula M. Vilarinho

“Temperature Dependence of Microwave Dielectric Properties in Ca Substituted Ba(Mg1/3Ta2/3)O3 Ceramics”
T. Shimada, J. Ushio, J. Breeze and N. McN Alford

                          Oral Presentations:

“A Comparison Between Crystal Structure and Dielectric Properties of Nd(Zn1/2Ti1/2)O3 (NZT) and Nd(Mg1/2Ti1/2)O3 (NMT)”
Kouros Khamoushi, Toivo Lepistö

“A-site deficient perovskites Ba(M1/32+Nb2/3)O3: microstructural reasons for the parameters’ scatter”
O.Ovchar, D.Durylin, A.Belous, B.Jancar, and T.Kolodiazhnyi

“BST-COC composite based rectangular dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) for 2.4 WLAN wrist application”

Vamsi K. Palukuru, Kensaku Sonoda, Rajesh Surendran and  Heli Jantunen

“Clamped Waveguide Lowloss Material Characterization Technique”
Michael Havrilla and Milo Hyde

“Control and thermal effect of microwave energy concentration in sparse materials”

R.C. Ciobanu, C.M. Schreiner, R.C. Ciobanu, R.F. Damian 

“Correlating phonon behavior with microwave dielectric relaxation in the (Bi1.5Zn0.5)( Zn0.5-x/3TixNb1.5-2x/3)O7 cubic pyrochlore ceramics system”

Tung-Ching Huang, Chieh-Han Lu, Chih-Ta Chia, and Hong Wang

“Crystal structure and microwave dielectric properties of (1-x)Li2TiO3-xMgO (0£x£0.5) microwave dielectric ceramics”
J.J.Bian, R. Ubic and J. Delphine

“Crystal Symmetry and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ca Substituted Sr2(MgTe)O6 Double Perovskites”

G. Subodh, Sherin Thomas, Rick Ubic, Steven Letourneau and M. T. Sebastian

“Definition of space group and crystal structure of Nd (Zn1/2Ti1/2)O3 (NZT)”
Kouros Khamoushi, Toivo Lepistö 

“Design of Dual-passband filters based on a novel coupling structure”

Fei Liang, Wenzhong Lu, and Bin Luo

“Direct Probing of 1:2 Ordering and Structure of ordering Domain Boundaries of Ba(B’1/3B”2/3)O3 Complex Perovskites by High-Angle Annular Dark-Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (HAADF STEM)”

Feridoon  Azough, Bernhard Schaffer, David Iddles, Takeshi Shimada and Robert Freer

“Dielectric Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Potassium Tantalate Systems”
Anna-Karin Axelsson, Matjaz Valant, Mike Reece, Haixue Yan , Neil McN. Alford

„Dielectric property of Cu powder/polymer composites”

Kensaku Sonoda, Yasuo Moriya, Heli Jantunen

“Effect of A-Site Ionic Radius on the Structure and Microwave Dielectric Characteristics of Sr1+xSm1-xAl1-xTixO4 Ceramics”

Min Min Mao and Xiang Ming Chen

“Effect of Temperature Coefficient of Dielectric Constant of the Filler on the Temperature Stability of PTFE composites”

Surendran Rajesh, Kodakkattu P Murali, Heli Jantunen and Ravendran Ratheesh

“Evaluation of Microwave Dielectric Properties of High-Loss Materials by a Modified Resonant Cavity Method”
Lei Li, and Xiang Ming Chen

“Extraordinary High Q-factor Aperiodic Bragg Reflector Resonators”
Jonathan Breeze and Neil Alford

“Fabrication of Dielectric Photonic Crystals with Microwave Cavities for Terahertz Frequency Excitations in Water Solvents”
Noritoshi Ohta, Toshiki Niki, and Soshu Kirihara

„Formulation of screen printable cobalt nanoparticle ink for high frequency applications”
M. Nelo, VK. Palukuru, A.Sowpati, J. Juuti, H. Jantunen

“Improved Composite Dielectric Resonator Method for Measurement of the In-Plane Complex Permittivity of Thin Films and Substrates”
Viktor Bovtun, Valery Pashkov, Martin Kempa, Stanislav Kamba, Vitaly Molchanov, and Yury Poplavko

“Improvements of sintering and dielectric properties on CaO-TiO2-Nb2O5 pyrochlore ceramics by V2O5 substitution”

Yuehua Chen, Li Shui, and Hong Wang

“Influence of rare-earth oxide dopants on microstructure and microwave dielectric properties of Ba0.6Sr0.4TiO3-MgO compound”
Wen-Zhong Lu, Xiao-Hong Wang , Gui-Fen Fan

“KTaO3 Ceramics and Solution Derived Thin Films”
Sebastjan Glinšek, Barbara Malic, Cene Filipic, Elena Tchernychova, Marija Kosec

“Low-Temperature Sintering and Microwave Dielectric Properties of MgO by additions of LiF and CaTiO3”

Akinori Kan, Hirotaka Ogawa and Makio Nishizuka

“Magneto-dielectric metal-polymer composites with nanosize fillers for microwave applications”

M. Teirikangas, J. Juuti, and H. Jantunen

“Measured Frequency Dependent Complex Permittivity of Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic Microwave Modules”

S. Humbla, S.Rentsch, R. Stephan, J.F. Trabert, G. Vogt, and M.A. Hein

„Microwave and RF Methods of Contact-less Mapping of the Sheet Resistance and the Complex Permittivity of Conductive Materials”

Austin Blew, Danh Nguyen, Jerzy Krupka and Janina Mazierska

“Microwave dielectric properties of low temperature firing ZnB2O4 ceramics with Zn-B glass addition”
Xinguang Wu, Hong Wang, Di Zhou, Xi Yao

„Microwave properties of the thermoplastic BST-carbon-polymer composites and influence of conductive phase in the matrix”
J. Juuti, H. Jantunen

“Millimeter-Wave Performance of Circuits Materials”

N.H.Osman, and C.E.Free

“Optical Characterization and theoretical simulation of BMTO and BMNO”
Mei Yu Chen, Chih Ta Chia, Y.R. Chen, J. F. Lee,T. Shimada

“Plasmonic Metamaterial”
Subal Kar, Tapashree Roy, Souvik Pal, Promit Gangooly

“Radio-frequency and Microwave Heating of Bio-functionalized Nano-shuttles for Cancer Nanomedicine”

Jaroslaw Wosik, Leiming Xie, Zulfiqar Chikani, Wanda Zagozdzon-Wosik, Biana Godin-Vilentchouk, and Srinivasan Srimeenakshi

“Sintering behavior and dielectric properties of Bi1.5ZnNb1.5O7 thick films from high energy milling synthesized powder”
Weihong Liu, Hong Wang, Kecheng Li

“Tailoring of Dielectric Properties of Solution-Derived CaCu3Ti4O12 Thin Films by Processing”
Barbara Malic, Brigita Kužnik, Sebastjan Glinšek, Andreja Bencan, Elena Tchernychova, Marija Kosec, Andreja Eršte, Vid Bobnar

“Terahertz Characterization of Re3Ga5O12 (Re=Nd, Sm, Eu, Dy) Microwave Ceramics”
C. H. Lu, T. C. Huang, T. R. Tsai, S. Nahm, C. T. Chia

“The microwave dielectric properties of BaTiO3-based composite ceramics for tunable microwave applications”

Jiwei Zhai, Zhengkui Xu, Xi Yao

“The performance of thick-film CPW lines made from nano-particle silver over the frequency range 40MHz-110GHz”
Alshehri, R.J.Leigh, M.Horaczek, D.Rudka, M.Jakubowska, C.E.Free

“Three-dimensional Diamond Structure Electromagnetic Band Gap with Point Defects”
Wei Dai, Hong Wang, Shibin Chen, Zhiyuan Shen, Dichen Li, Di Zhou

“Voltage dependent microwave dielectric properties of tunable thin film microwave materials”
K.C.James Raju, K. Venkata Saravanan and K. Sudheendran
                        Poster Presentations:

„Analysis of complex metamaterial structures made from eutectics”
Andrzej Stefanski, Maria Kafesaki, Dorota A. Pawlak

„A new comparative dielectric and microstructural study of the CaWO4, SrWO4 and BaWO4 scheelites”
Marjeta Macek Krzmanc, Manca Logar, Bojan Budic and Danilo Suvorov

“A novel circular-shaped defected ground structure with dual-bandgap characteristics”

Mostafa Attaran Kakhki

„A novel poly(vinylidene fluoride) composite with added self-passivated micro- and nano-aluminum particles for enhanced thermal conductivity”
Yongcun Zhou, Hong Wang, Feng Xiang, Kecheng Li, and Ke Yu

“Characterization of Electric and Magnetic Properties of Nickel-Zinc Ferrites at Microwaves Using a Wideband T/R Measurement Technique”
W. Wiatr, R. Kubacki, L. Nowosielski, R. Przesmycki, R. Frender

“Comparison of Selected Thermally Isolating Materials Used in Microwave Sintering in a High-Q Cavity”
P. Kopyt, W. Gwarek

“Dielectric and magnetic properties of PMMA/Al thick films at microwave frequencies”
Malgorzata Jakubowska, Anna Mlozniak, Jerzy Krupka

“Dielectric measurement at microwave frequencies in high temperature range employing TE01d resonator technique”

Hong Wang, Feng Xiang, Li Shui, Jerzy Krupka

“Helical Resonator for Measurementsvof Dielectrics at 8 MHz, 13 MHz and 25 MHz”
Mateusz Zukocinski, Adam Abramowicz

„Impact of Laser Radiation on Photo-Refractive Lithium Niobate Single Crystal”
N. Sidorov, M. Palatnikov, D. Evstratova, and K. Bormanis

„Liquid Crystal Anisotropy Properties in GHz Wave Rangevand Possibility of Their Application”
J. Parka, J. Krupka, K. Czuprynski

“Meta-material Loaded Waveguide with Novel Property at Microwave Frequency”
Shib Shankar Sikdar, Tulip Kumar Saha, and Subal Kar

“Microwave Dielectric Properties and Structure of ZnO-Nb2O5-TiO2 Ceramics”
E.A. Nenasheva, S.S. Redozubov, N.F. Kartenko, I.M. Gaidamaka

“Microwave Dielectric Properties of (ABi)1/2MoO4 (A=Li, Na, K, Rb, Ag) Type Ceramics with Ultra-low Firing Temperature”
Di Zhou, Hong Wang, and Xi Yao

„Microwave dielectric properties of BiFeO3 multiferoic films deposited on highly conductive substrates”
R. Sobiestianskas, B. Vengalis, J. Banys, J.Devenson, A.K.Oginskis, V.Lisauskas, L.Dapkus

„Microwave Dielectric Properties of MgGa2O4 Ceramic”
Hidetoshi Nakano, Hirotaka Ogawa, Akinori Kan, Nishizuka Makio, and Norihiro Ikeda

„Microwave properties of electrolytic metal coatings”
Z. Buczko, J. Krupka, W. Okurowski, A. Przywóski, J. Jakubiak

"Multipole dispersive media models in a circuit representation and their implementation in FDTD schemes"
B. Salski, and M. Celuch

„Negative-Zero-Positive Metamaterials with Liquid Crystals at Microwave Frequencies”
J. Parka, J. Krupka,
K. Czuprynski

“Novel C-Slot DGS for 2.4GHz Bandstop Filter With Improved Q Factor“
Mostafa Attaran Kakhki

“Novel D-Slot DGS Bandstop Filter With Improved Q Factor”

Mostafa Attaran Kakhki

“Novel procedures and test-fixtures for microwave characterization of ferroelectric, multiferroic and dielectric materials”

Dmitry M. Kosmin, Igor V. Kotelnikov, Vitaly N. Osadchii, Anatoly K. Mikhaylov, and Andey B. Kozyrev

“On the effect of longitudinal frequency selectivity on microwave shields”
R.F. Damian, C.M. Schreiner, R.C. Ciobanu

“Polymers composite metamaterials with nanocopper fillers”
P. Los, A. Lukomska, S.Kowalska, R. Jeziórska, P. Zaprzalski, J. Krupka

„Possibilities of resonant frequency temperature coefficient (tf) changes in Ba6-3xLn8+2xTi18O54 type resonators”
R. Frender, E. Zbrzezniak, M. Zebrowski

“Properties of liquid crystalline materials for applications in phase shifters operating at GHz frequency range”

B. J. Jankiewicz, J. Parka, R. Dabrowski

“Sintering of Titanate Based Dielectrics Doped with Lithium Fluoride and Calcium Borosilicate glass”

Chi-Shiung Hsi, Mei Yu Chen, Heli Jantunen, Fang-Chi Hsu, and Tzu-Chin Lin

“Synthesis and Microstructure of (1-x)MgO-xB2O3 Ceramics vwith High Quality Factor”
Makoto Sumino, Hirotaka Ogawa, Akinori Kan, and Makio Nishizuka

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