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1 Introduction

1.1 QW-Modeller

QW-Modeller for QuickWave is a plug-in (workbench) for the open source FreeCAD (, general purpose feature-based parametric 3D CAD modeller with a modular software architecture, which makes it easy to provide additional functionalities without modifying the core system. The CAD capabilities of FreeCAD are based on the OpenCasCade® kernel, a professional-level CAD kernel, featuring advanced 3D geometry manipulation and objects.
One of the most powerful features of FreeCAD is the scripting environment. From the integrated python console (or from any other external Python script), you can gain access to almost any part of FreeCAD, create or modify geometry, modify the representation of those objects in the 3D scene or access and modify the FreeCAD interface. Python scripting can also be used in macros, which provide an easy method to create custom commands.
QW-Modeller for QuickWave is free and can be used without any restrictions for creating geometry, assigning the materials, adding ports, boundary conditions, setting mesh, excitation parameters, postprocessings, etc.
QW-Modeller for QuickWave allows preparing a complete project for electromagnetic simulation with QuickWave software using:
More detailed information about QW-Modeller is given in the QW-Modeller help available by pressing F1 key or by choosing Help ® QW-Modeller Help from the main menu:

More detailed information about FreeCAD is available on the FreeCAD website ( or in the FreeCAD help through Help ® FreeCAD Help from the main menu:

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